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Psychological Safety &
Team Effectiveness

With Leadership Expert
Lesley Parrott

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Having over 20 years experience working in traditionally male dominated industries, from Finance, to Oil and Gas, and now Tech, she has experienced first-hand the impacts of sexism, working parenthood, and strong allyship/sponsorship. She brings her lived experience to her work in helping women realize their full potential and creating an equitable playing field in the workplace.

Lesley holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours), a Master of Business Administration, and a certificate as an accredited Leadership and Inclusion Professional. 

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About this Webinar

Are you looking to create a workplace culture where employees feel safe to share their input and opinions freely without being bullied or shamed?  

Do you work in an environment where you feel your opinions aren’t valued? 

Psychologically safe workplaces share a belief that teams are safe for interpersonal risk-taking. They are high-performing, productive and have low turnover.  

If you are interested in learning how to create a psychologically safe workplace, or how to determine if a workplace is psychologically safe before you decide to join, watch the video below with Inclusive Leadership expert, Lesley Parrott as she shares practical tips that you can incorporate immediately. 

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