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A hybrid exercise rehabilitation program, designed by Cyno, where a physiotherapist is brought in virtually and a Physiotherapy Assistant, personal trainer, or kinesiologist is present in-clinic.

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The Process

1. A physiotherapist at the clinic will assess the client.
2. If appropriate, the physiotherapist will create an exercise treatment plan for the client a enter them into the Exercise- Based Physiotherapy (EBP) program.
3. The clinic Physiotherapist will share the exercise treatment plan with the virtual Cyno Physiotherapist who will be implementing the treatment plan with the client. 

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Relieve the burden of waitlists, hiring,
and retention
, while earning more!

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4. The client will show up for their scheduled time with 4-5 other EBP clients for 30 minute sessions.
5. The Cyno Physiotherapist will supervise the entire session virtually and will communicate with a clinic PTA regarding exercise progressions and changes for each participant.
6. In the event that the EBP client is in need for more hands-on treatment, the Cyno Physiotherapist will collaborate with the clinic Physiotherapist.

Case Study

Read this case study from a rural physiotherapy clinic who used Cyno's EBP to increase their client base and profits, while avoiding hiring and retention issues.

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