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Expand your service offering with

Exercise-Based Physiotherapy

Cyno empowers fitness facilities to expand their offering and allow clients to use insurance dollars towards accessible rehabilitation services.

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How It Works

Exercise-Based Physiotherapy (EBP) is a semi-private offering where a fitness expert assists with prescribed exercise-based programs in-person, while a physiotherapist virtually supervises.

This service is reimbursable under private insurance physio coverage.

Increase Your Revenue

Expand your offering, gain new clients and service more people.

Cyno will not only allow your staff to refer current clients to additional support, it will increase your chances of bringing in new customers, allowing your gym to help more people in your community than ever before.

Fill Your Schedules

Get more bookings for personal trainers and make better use of facilities.
Open up more opportunities for your trainers and make use of space during slower times of the day.

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Expand Your Offering

Offer insurable services to your clients.

Allow clients to take advantage of unused insurance dollars and give them access to a more affordable physiotherapy option without the long wait times.

Effortless Onboarding

Expand your business without the HR and Admin headache.
We will organize a short onboarding session to explain the functionality of the platform, supply marketing material for promotion and provide ongoing support whenever you need it.


What It Looks Like

Clients who want to manage injuries or discomfort can receive:

1. A personalized assessment from a Physiotherapist to diagnose issue

2. A prescribed exercise-based program tailored to your diagnosis

3. A more affordable service that can be easily reimbursed by insurance

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  • Can I use my insurance to cover virtual sessions?
    Yes in some cases. Everyone’s insurance coverage is different so you need to check with your provider to see exactly what services / providers are covered under your specific plan. Typically, mental health therapy services are covered by insurance. If the service is covered, you will pay for the service and can then submit your receipt for reimbursement with your insurance provider.
  • How do I book a virtual session?
    Call the clinic number as provided above and the front desk staff will complete the booking for you. Alternatively, you can also book a virtual session in-person at the clinic with the front desk staff.
  • Can I do my virtual sessions at home?
    Yes! You have the option to come into the clinic and complete your session in a private room with a clinic owned computer in the clinic OR you can use your own device in the comfort of your own home.
  • Do I pay for the session before or after the session is completed?
    You will be billed 24 hours before your scheduled session for both at home and in clinic appointments. Sessions cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours of the appointment will not be refunded.
  • I made a virtual appointment at the clinic, but I don’t know how to log in to access the session?
    If you haven't created your account already: Go to your email Find the welcome email from your clinic Follow the instructions on how to sign up for your account Once you create your account: Click on the “Login” button at the top of this page Enter your username and password Click on the yellow button with the camera icon to open zoom and start your session Once logged into the zoom session, your provider will meet you there
  • The clinic front desk set me up with a Cyno account, but I don’t know how to “activate” it?
    See the below video to see how to activate your Cyno account.
  • I’m trying to enter my virtual session by clicking on the yellow button on my dashboard once I’ve logged in, but I don’t have zoom on my computer?
    You will automatically be prompted to download the zoom desktop app to your computer. Please ensure that you “allow access” for the mic and audio or else you won’t be able to see or hear your provider in the session. Follow the app instal instructions. Once completed, you will enter your session.

Start Offering More Support To Your Clients Today

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