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Cyno's marketplace connects your people with the experts they need to grow personally & professionally.



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The Cost Of Not Investing In Your People


of medical costs

are due to

preventable conditions

Traditional benefits are reactive, with 75% of medical costs for businesses being caused by preventable conditions. Proactive support to help your people stay healthy reduces medical spending and improves their performance at work.


the number of days with lost productivity, presentesim, or absenteism

Employees without an engaging health & wellness program reported twice as many ‘Unhealthy Days’ (days with low productivity, presenteeism, or absenteeism). Your people need to be healthy to be high performing


of employees are more likely to leave without professional development investment

93% of employees say they would stay at their company longer if the organization was invested in their professional development. Investing in your people is the only way to cultivate and keep top talent so you can avoid costly rehires.


Unlock your team's full potential, with our
Health & High-Performance Marketplace

A wide range of mental health support to help elevate their well-being.

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The Recommendation Engine helps users identify their gaps and get meaningful suggestions for services and resources to help them improve.

Personalized Support made easy

Providing meaningful support to every employee can seem impossible.

Cyno helps identify your employees' needs, recommend relevant resources and allows them to connect directly with the experts they need to excel.

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