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The Art Of Slowing Down

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We all hold tension. We all get stuck in our heads. We can easily get lost in the habit of doing and striving and convince ourself this is the only way.

It can often seem like it's an impossible feat to experience life any other way, almost as if you are swimming against the current which can be exhausting.

There is good news and there is an antidote.

It is a holistic one meaning it encompasses the body, mind and soul in it's approach to resetting and recalibrating ourselves back to health.

I discovered it 8 years ago as an absolute last resort to the physical pain in my back, the constant anxiety in my mind and the inner conflict in my soul.

Often considered the underdog and misunderstood, Yin Yoga is a magical practice. This practice is QUITE different from the most common forms of yoga. In a Yin Yoga class we learn the Art of Slowing Down by releasing the muscles and being supported along the way.

In this practice the poses are held for an extended period of time, creating a long slow extension of the body, unwinding of compacted fascia, and unknotting and releasing of muscles.

The practice allows the body to drop down in to the parasympathetic nervous system and therefore becomes a deeply healing and nourishing practice. It is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and targeting the Meridians in the body.

It is grounding, calming and revitalizing, with profound physical, energetic and emotional affects.

Surrendering is not an easy process however, it can be learned with time, practice and a hearty does of self love. We do yoga so that we can do life.

If you wish to do something for yourself this year, consider taking the journey inwards with Yin.

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