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Raising Great Sleepers: Tips & Tales

Written by:

Julia Ludlow Corcoran

"Sleep now, you'll never sleep again"! It was said to me with kind intentions, but the reality was at 8 months pregnant, terrified of what the future was going to bring, being told I'd never sleep again was just the cherry on top of my anxiety. I had my little boy, and fell in love; but by month 5 no one in my house was sleeping. Not my baby boy, not me, and even my husband wasn't getting enough rest. I decided something had to be done. So I started doing what all parents do in the middle of the night... I Googled.

"Why won't my baby sleep?"

"How to get a baby to sleep?"

And Google sent me a lot of information. A LOT. Luckily I was in a mommy group at this time and they were having a Sleep Consultant in to talk to us. I knew, if nothing else, I had to ask her WHY. Why would my kid not sleep but my friend's kid would? Would I ever sleep again?

Yes. You will. Is what she told me. You need to teach him how to sleep and then be consistent with your behaviours. He'll learn!

So I did! I found a supportive method to teach him how to sleep that I was comfortable with, and... he did! And at 4.5 years old, he still does!

That's when I knew I could help other people with this. Lack of sleep leads to increased ratings of Postpartum Depression (PPD) and Postpartum Anxiety (PPA), general unhappiness, and in such a huge life transition; it's so important to not only be rested, but also to be supported through the process.

So that's what I do! I work with families 1 on 1 to create a path forward, teach their babies to sleep, and to learn to rest well in their current stage of parenthood. I love seeing a baby's progress from multiple wakes overnight to parents having to wake them from every sleep. Parents are happier, calmer, and so very proud of their littles!

If I can help you get to the sleep goals your whole family needs- reach out!

If you want to learn more about how Cyno can help your company, book a call with us!

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