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New Year, New You


This is YOUR year. Join one of the new year kickstart series and start your year off in the right direction!

Weekly, reoccurring series across multiple disciplines so that you can work on whatever you set out to this year.

Coaching Kickstart
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New Years
Coaching Kickstart!

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With Deanne Rodrigue

Making Resolutions
a Reality

Get your whole self on board for your 2023 goal setting journey!


Join Deanne in this 4 part series on how to set realistic and actionable goals for yourself this year.

Set yourself up for success and find out how you can stay motivated to reach your goals throughout this year!

Every Thursday starting January 12th!

Fitness Kickstart
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New Years
Fitness Kickstart!

Full Body
Shred Series

In this "Full Body Shred" Program, we will be targeting each muscle group with a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) style.


This program will incorporate many movements designed to build your strength and endurance and have you feeling better by building good exercise habits!


Let's start the New Year off right!

Every Monday & Friday staring January 9th!

With Dean Shepley

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With Megan Sullivan

Core Strength

Learn how to properly engage and get a stronger core this January!


Join this 30-minute core focused workout focusing on therapeutic and functional core exercises to help improve core strength and endurance.


This will not only prevent injury but help you move more efficiently and make everyday activities easier!

Every Tuesday starting January 10th!

Nutrition Kickstart
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New Years
Nutrition Kickstart!

Craving Change Nutrition Series

This program will provide cognitive-behavioural tools, activities, and strategies that address the universal struggle to problematic and emotional eating behaviours.


The thought provoking 'how-to' approach focuses on the 'why' of eating behaviours and what to do.

This series is split into 4 parts: Why it's hard to change, What needs to change, How to change and Keeping the change

Every Wednesday starting January 18th!

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With Julie Orr

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Find what you need to get this year off to a good start!

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