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Exercise-Based Physiotherapy

A Case Study on how BodyWorks Physio used Cyno's Exercise-Based Physiotherapy (EBP) to grow their business in a rural town

The Problem:

Small Town Physio

BodyWorks Fitness & Physiotherapy is a clinic is Springdale, Newfoundland & Labrador with a population of under 3,000 people, however they are the only physiotherapy clinic in a rural radius that covers over 20,000 people.


With only 1.5 Physiotherapists on staff, BodyWorks struggles to keep up with waitlists & demand because they are finding it hard to hire and retain Physiotherapists

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The Solution:

Exercise-Based Physiotherapy

  • Signed up with Cyno's EBP Program

  • Virtual Physiotherapists have joined the BodyWorks team via Cyno's secure platform

  • BodyWorks has hired Physiotherapy Assistants (PTAs), which are easier to recruit, to follow instruction from virtual Physiotherapist in assisting clients with exercises. 

What It Looks Like

Clients received:

  1. A personalized assessment from a Physiotherapist to diagnose issue

  2. A prescribed exercise-based program tailored to your diagnosis

  3. Improved injuries with specific exercise-based treatment plans


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Workout Lesson

The Result:

  • 10-20 extra sessions per day

  • Decreased wait time for clients

  • Clients satisfied with effective results

  • HR and admin headaches disappeared

  • Eliminated the challenge of retaining Physiotherapists in a rural town

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