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Production Deployment v8.3.3 to v8.5.0


Production Deployment v8.3.3 to v8.4.0


  • New & faster log-out experience

  • Bug fix with audio calls on Zoom

  • New address autocompletes

  • Fix for phone input styles

  • Fix styles on provider detail page

  • Removed deprecated footer from marketplace pages In v8.4.0 - reroute all pages to Cyno


Production Deployment v8.4.1


  • Fixed issue where batch emails would fail to be added to liaison companies


Production Deployment v8.4.2 & v8.4.3


  • Show cancelled status for cancelled bookings in the consumer dashboard

  • Bug fixes in the “My Bookings” page that lead to the event dialog appearing when it should not

  • Fixed cancelled booking reason message and group announcements

  • “Late Cancel” is now defined by 24 hours before the start date

  • Bug fixes for password reset issues

  • Fixed missing notification preferences for provider company seed admins


Production Deployment v8.5.0


  • New peer support service categories and provider designations

  • Provider and service highlight form fields to prepare for new service cards and popover


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