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Realize Your Dreams!
Vision Board Workshop

With Wellness Expert
Pam Martin-McDonald


Join Pam Martin-McDonald of Meridian Health & Wellness for a Spring Vision Board Workshop over 4 sessions in May and manifest your truth and your dream life!


A vision board is a powerful tool that helps you get clear on your desires and serves as a pathway to realize them. During this workshop, we will turn on your "dream tap" and create a physical vision board that will manifest in real time.


As a hybrid health coach, Pamela uses a variety of holistic techniques to teach you how to tap into what your heart and soul truly desires.


Why Make A Vision Board?

  1. Vision boards make you think about what you really want

  2. Vision boards help you get unstuck

  3. Vision boards provide you with a daily visual reminder of your dreams and goals

  4. Vision boards will get you all fired up emotionally

  5. Vision boards are fun, and they work

Series Schedule
 Each session is @ 7pm EST

Week 1 (May 9th): What is a vision? How does this really work? 🔭 🌟


Week 2 (May 23rd): Unlocking the truth - Finding the key. 🔓💡


Week 3 (May 30th)Embracing the power of choice. 💪


Week 4 (June 6th): Assembly of our physical vision board 🖼️💭✨


Note: Each evening builds upon the next so please be sure to attend each session! 

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