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Ergonomics & Injury
Prevention Program

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What do I have ACCESS to?

Every Shopify employee will have access to attend a Group Webinar on safe home-office ergonomic practices and then can book a Virtual Ergonomic Wellness Consult with one of the providers listed on the Cyno platform! 

Employees can also receive a custom equipment recommendation so that you can work safely from home!


How do I get started?

All you need to do is click the “Sign Up” button above and create your Cyno account using your Shopify email address.

Once your account is created, you can log in and register for any of the upcoming listed Webinar times and can also search the listed providers to choose WHO you would like to work with and WHEN you would like to schedule a virtual call with them! 


Some helpful Videos:

What is an
Ergonomic Wellness Consult? 

An Ergonomic Wellness Consult (EWC) is a 30-minute one-on-one virtual session with a provider who has education in Kinesiology, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, or Functional Movement Assessments & Ergonomics. In this session, the provider will assess the following: 

  • Current workstation set-up  

  • Current Musculoskeletal injury risk profile  


After this assessment is completed, the provider will give education on how to optimally arrange your current office set up to avoid future injuries and make will recommendations for stretches and strengthening exercises that will assist current injuries and will help avoid future injuries.  

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If you have any questions about this program or if you are experiencing any technical difficulties, please complete the below form and one of our support staff with be in touch! 


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