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Provider Starter Kit

Want to become a provider on Cyno?

This starter kit will help you complete the onboarding form and make sure your profile is set up for success! Below is everything you need to know to stand out on Cyno and start getting bookings.

Don't need any help? 


Building Your Profile

Let's start with your profile picture

​A good profile picture consists of:

  • Facial features are clearly visible

  • Good lighting

  • Clear separation from background

  • Framed headshot

Here's what NOT to do:

  • Facial features aren't clearly visible

  • Poor lighting

Untitled design (1).png
  • Noisy, distracting background

Untitled design (2).png
  • Facial features aren't clearly visible

  • Poor framing

The next thing to consider is your Professional Title


If you have multiple designations and areas of expertise, try to limit title to no more than two to avoid confusion. The rest can be detailed in your bio and list of certifications.

ex. Fitness Trainer & Life Coach

bootcamp specialist, pre-natal exercise expert, whole foods nutritionist

Create Your Wellness Journey

Grab the client's attention with your Background & Service Images

If you do not have a suitable background image or service photo to use on the platform, we can help! It's important that your chosen background image visually represents your skills and services offered on the platform.


Creating Your Biography

Knowledge is passed between people and remembered easiest when told in story formWhen a prospective client clicks on your profile, you have their attention for just a moment to try and communicate to them:

  • Who you are (you are more than your profession)

  • Why you do what you do and what inspires you to help.

  • What makes you qualified in this area

  • How you can help them achieve their goals

If you touch on these major pieces of information, there is no right or wrong way of telling your story. However, if you are having some trouble, try using the HERO Story Formula:


H   Hurt or Hope

E   Empathize or Enlighten

R   Revolt or Reveal

O   Offer


Helpful Bio Tips!

  • Write your bio in the first person as if you were talking directly to the client.

  • The more relatable, the better. Communicate your personal and professional journey; the obstacles that you have faced, the accomplishments that make you most proud, how you like to spend your free time, etc.  This will develop a deeper connection and trust with the client.

  • Be clear and concise.  If your bio is too long, it might feel a little daunting to begin reading.

  • Send it to a friend or colleague and get their opinion.

  • Cyno’s support team is always here to assist you!

Direct Employee Access

Creating your Service

1-on-1 & Group Sessions


Your service description should clearly communicate a few key details to the client at a quick glance:

  • Expectation: What should they expect to get from the call? What will they walk away from the call with? (Information, handouts, plan, etc.)

  • List of required equipment, attire, or tools for attending the session

  • Goals/Solution: What challenges or obstacles is this service designed to help the client overcome?

  • Upsell: What other 1-on-1 services or group classes do you offer that can accentuate this call or service?

Understanding the Credit System

  • All clients have unlimited access to group sessions.

  • Companies decided the level of access to 1-on-1’s per month or per year.

  • You can ask about their level of access to 1-on-1’s so you can work with them and their goals.

  • *Note:  You want your clients to have the ability to get help in areas outside of your area of expertise. Cyno’s marketplace provides clients with a holistic and proactive approach to overall mental wellness.

How To Get Clients

My Posts

Regularly post either video or written content on your topics of expertise! This will help generate interest in your services and turn our users

into your clients.

Wellness Calendar

Weekly Promo

All new providers and services added are included in our weekly promotion email to users. This helps drive traffic to your profile right from the start!

How to Retain Clients

Long-term working relationships with clients come down to the intersection of your level of expertise and the quality of relationship with your client


  • Establish and define next steps

  • Provide client with takeaways (homework or something to consider or accomplish before next session)

  • Find a date and time for next session

  • Don’t say “Just book again whenever.”

  • Follow up with client through Cyno Messaging

Onboardin Form

Click below to complete the onboarding form!

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