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Production Deployment v9.00, v9.0.1, v9.0.2, v9.0.3


Production Deployment v9.00

Includes (released Nov 15)

  • Fixed clinic booking issue

  • Added spinner and hover effects to booking time slots and show already booked slots from other bookings with the same provider

  • New search feature and marketplace page restyle

  • Fixed minor wording issue on some generated Google events

v9.0.1 Includes (released Nov 16):

  • Added some style fixes for search

v9.0.2 Includes (released Nov 21):

  • Fixed rare issue that could cause the app to become unresponsive

v9.0.3 Includes (released Dec 1):

  • Fixed issue where an error message would appear when viewing the provider detail page

  • Bug fixes


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