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Living Happy and Healthy!

By Mike Porter.

Here are some of my non-negotiables for living a happy and healthy life, mentally, physically and emotionally. I hope these will help you as well!

1. Find a way to spend a good portion of your time really doing what you love and are passionate about. Something that lights you up. Life is too short to spend your time looking forward to Fridays and dreading Mondays. 2. Set boundaries. Say no to people, places, things and events that you don't want to be part of. Unless its a funeral or a wedding, if you say to yourself - I "should" do this, choose option B. Your time is limited. 3. Live simple. Enjoy the small things. Stay present. Do one thing at a time. Multi tasking is bullshit. Enjoy that one thing, focus on it and do it well. 4. Take time for you, if you need to, schedule it in. For me, that means my early mornings- walks with the dogs, my own workouts(not spinning), coffees with Trace. Breathwork/meditation, cold showers. All before 830 or so. 5. Ask questions and look at every side of every story because chances are what you read in the news, social media or hear from your friends, is slanted one way or the other to suit a narrative or someone's pocketbook. Don't be afraid to doubt or think twice about what the common opinion is. And, take a stand for what you believe. Don't be afraid to have an opinion but don't feel you "need" to. 6. Take personal responsibility for your own health choices and don't, for a second, rely on the government or your doctor to do it for you. Look for natural health solutions.(shout this from the rooftops). 7. Learn to be hyper aware of energy - good and bad. Again, person, places, things, businesses, news, social media etc. When you start to pay close attention, you will instinctively know if any of these things are filling your cup in a good way or draining you. Say yes to good and no to the bad. Rarely is it possible to have a sustainable positive outlook if you spend time in negative environments. 8. Have the tough conversations - work, personal, relationships. You know the conversations you need to have but may be dreading. But after you have them, they will have the most positive impact on every situation. It may mean that things or people are no longer part of your life, but that is OK. Don't let anything fester. 9. Rest when you need. Mentally, physically, emotionally. You get stronger when you rest. If you feel like you are constantly pushing against the wall and you are low on energy, that's your clue. Think of rest as a vital part of your overall wellness plan. 10. Go out of your way to be kind to people. It can be something as small as a compliment to a cashier at the grocery store for a great attitude, or telling someone you appreciate them for something ever so small that they did. It makes them feel good, you feel good and this multiplies. 11. Stop the comparisons. Most of what you see online is only one side. Rarely do we see stories of struggle on instagram! 12. Get outside, take in the fresh air. This is where you get clear headed, positive and new ideas & possibilities come to light. 13. ****Move your body. Not just from a fitness standpoint. You need to move energy through you. Get out for a walk once a day at least. 14. Do something to make someone's day, every day. Its actually pretty easy but can have a massive impact.


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