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Fitness for All

Alyssa Holmes, MSC, BCS

Are you someone who is just starting out their fitness journey and does not know where to start? The hardest part for most people developing an exercise routine is knowing where to begin. Many believe that in order to get fit and healthy you need to go to the gym, and this may be very intimidating and might deter someone from being active.

The advice I give to beginners at the onset of their journey is to start small, focus on moving your body and getting into an effective routine before you focus on purchasing a gym membership or making drastic changes.

Steps in kicking off your fitness journey:

  1. Start by going for a 10–20-minute walk, or your choice of cardio everyday.

  2. Add in two days of strength training a week (bodyweight or light weights and bands in your home).

  3. Once you develop a consistent routine, maybe signup for group class or get a personal trainer, something to hold yourself accountable to exercise (this can be done on Cyno!).

  4. Incorporate “exercise snacking**”, small movements to breakup sedentary behaviour during your day.

  5. Prioritize your health and fitness, do not put it off! It is extremely important!

**Exercise snacking”-short burst of exercise that increase your heart rate and can be as short as 1-2 minutes.

  • Examples: jogging in place, air squats, walking in place, walking up the stairs, walking to the store.

  • This may help to counteract implications from over sitting and should be done in addition to your normal exercise routine!

Additionally, the most effective exercises when you are first starting out is the use of your own bodyweight. You are not limited by equipment, and these can be performed wherever and whenever.

Benefits of Bodyweight Exercise:

  • More convenient, can be done anywhere, anyplace, you always have your body.

  • Nothing to buy, inexpensive.

  • Less intimidation.

  • Can be adjusted to your fitness level.

  • Can improve cardio and muscular endurance all at once.

Let’s Get Started!

I have provided you with a 7-day FREE challenge to help kickstart your fitness journey, using only bodyweight exercises!

Intro to Exercise: 7-day Exercise Challenge Bundle

Ideal for those:

  • Just starting out your fitness journey

  • Wanting to add a little more movement into their already existing fitness routine.

What’s included:

  • Cardio, strength training, stretching and mobility workouts.

  • Bodyweight exercises that can be done from the comfort of one’s home.

  • Steps journal, smart goal setting page, weekly planner, self-care planner, meal planner and a self-care challenge page. These pages are included if you want to take an additional step and start planning out your health and wellness further, but it is not necessary.

Check out this link to Alyssa Holmes' FREE workout challenge!

If you want to learn more about how Cyno can help your company, book a call with us!

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