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Body Image and Healing over the Holiday season

By: Virginia Bain

If you are serious about healing and self improvement, the life you have envisioned does not have to remain a figment of your imagination. You can apply some of these strategies at anytime of the year but they can be even more useful as the holiday season approaches us for the following reasons.

There are lots of parties and get-togethers that are centered around food and drinks which makes it hard to try and adhere to any diet when often food choices are out of your control.

We are already overwhelmed from the busyness of the season and we are more apt to over eat when we are feeling stressed… know that it’s OK and Normal!

Lack of sleep from parties/events can lead to excess hunger and feeling emotional.

If you have kids this is all 10X With that said, here are some of the strategies I have personally used with clients to help them heal their body image and disordered eating patterns. This process, will open your eyes to what it means to be happy. And please believe me when I tell you, the feeling is nothing short of FREEING 🥰 1. It’s ok if you don’t want to accept weight gain. 2. Grieve the discomfort of body weight changes. 3. Understand where your fear of having body fat comes from. 4. Acknowledge the harm and the pain that disordered eating behaviors have caused you. 5. Body acceptance could mean that you stop looking at the scale. 6. Start doing what you’ve been putting off. 8. Dress yourself in ways that are comfortable and honor the body you’re in right now. 9. Remove yourself from relationships that do not align with your new values. 10. Find and engage with non-diet, recovery-focused communities

11. Accepting your body doesn’t mean you have to stop eating in a healthy matter or stop exercising.

12. you don’t have to love your body

To dive deeper into the work, I offer 1:1 Body Image Counselling on Cyno. For help learning how you can stop dieting and start living set up an appointment!


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