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Movember Webinar:

Prostate Health Awareness

With Dr. Charlie Gillis

November 23rd @ 5pm EST

Dr. Charlie Gillis was born and raised in Kensington, Prince Edward Island. He completed his undergraduate degree at Memorial University in Pharmacy in 2016 and went on to receive his MD at Memorial in 2020. Charlie is currently at Dalhousie University completing his urology residency. He has a specific interest in oncology and has published research around early detection of prostate cancer and kidney cancer. He hopes to receive further training in urologic oncology and return to Atlantic Canada in the future.

Dr. Charlie Gillis will be discussing everything you should know about the prostate and overall men’s health.  All men and women are encouraged to attend this session.  This will be a safe space where we can become more informed; therefore, helping us to take a more proactive approach to supporting ourselves and our loved ones.