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Expand your service offering with

A Virtual Extension Of Your Business

Cyno's Health & Performance Marketplace is a turnkey solution that allows our facility partners around the country to offer a wide range of new services & help remove barriers to care.

How It Works

Cyno makes it easy for pharmacies & clinics to offer more services, attract new clients and increase their revenue without any of the work.

Effortless Onboarding

Our team will take care of onboarding your staff every step of the way!

We will organize short onboarding sessions to explain the functionality of the platform, supply onboarding material and provide ongoing support whenever you need it.

Launch Support

We will provide you with all the materials you need to promote your new offering!

Website landing pages, social media posts, email templates, printable brochures, & advertising banners all available to help you have a successful launch.

Seamless Integration

Get all the benefits of expanding your offering without the administrative work!

Cyno's administrative portal makes it easy to manage your virtual service offering, book clients & take care of invoicing. 

Increased Revenue

Expand your offering, gain new clients and service more people without any of the work.

Cyno will not only allow your staff to refer current clients to additional support, it will bring in new customers and allow you to help more people in your community than ever before!

Everything You Can Offer

A wide range of mental health support to help elevate your well-being.

Start Offering More Support To Your Clients Today

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